x♥x♥ Whishu ⊂(◣﹏◢⊂ )∘˚˳°

∘˚˳°Welcome my Will-O-Wisps to my side of the Galaxy∘˚˳°☆.。.:・°☆.。.:・°☆.。.:・°☆.。.:・°☆Call me Geist (he/they), and I promise I won't haunt you. I'm busy doing illustration, character design, and spamming you about bats or skunks.☆.。.:・☆.。.:・°☆.。.:・°☆.。.:・°☆COMISSION STATUS: OPEN

Commission Form: CLICK HERE
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x♥x♥ Whishu ⊂(◣﹏◢⊂ )∘˚˳°

Commission Form: CLICK HERE

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the following:

✔ Will Draw✖ Will not Draw
✔ Original Characters✖ Mecha
✔Fan Art✖ Gore
✔ Slight suggestive art for characters over 18+✖ Explicit NSFW
✔ Real people (depends)✖ Furry/Animals (depends)
✔ Anthro/Kemonomimi (depends) 


--- ☆ My commissions are not first come first serve. I have the right to refuse commissions if I don’t feel comfortable and or unable to work on it.
--- ☆ You must be 18 years or older to commission me
---Commissions may be finished within 2-6 weeks. Time may vary because I am a college student. I will of course always let you know the progress of your commission if you ask or keep you updated unpromptedly.Please be aware when commissioning me I will answer questions if asked when I can either through Instagram Dm or email. I may also message you if unclear with the provided reference or confirming anything about the commission.

-----W.I.Ps and Process:

--- ☆ I will not begin work on a commission until full payment is received OR initial payment discussed is received. (Half upfront/half at completion) This process may be flexible for returning clients.
REFUNDS: non refundable for completed/close to completed commissions. %50 for commissions not finished, (For customs, I may finish and sell what I started)
--- ☆ I will send W.I.Ps when asked and most importantly when I can. If something is to be changed, you are able to do it before you approve my sketch. Any other time, adjustments like color or simple background can be done.
--- ☆ I always do a final work check in before emailing a high resolution copy.


--- ☆ My work is for personal/private use only. You can not use my commissioned work for unauthorized commercial use or profited goods. (My clients/commissioners DO NOT have the right to mint/sell their commissions as NFT. Doing so is in violation of these terms.)
--- ☆ As the artist, I still maintain the rights to the work. I may publish my work for social media, portfolio, website, or commission examples. I am however able to wait within reason if it's for a special reveal of some kind, ex. debuting vtuber.
--- ☆ The commissioned work is for the client’s use only, it is not allowed to be traced, edited heavily, copied, or have the watermark removed from either commissioner or others.
Work reposted by the commissioner must be credited.I am not interested in NFT or taking part in crypto currency.

If anything is unclear, please feel free to message me. Thank you again for reading and taking time to look through my T.O.S.

x♥x♥ Whishu ⊂(◣﹏◢⊂ )∘˚˳°

Feel free to Dm me on preferably Twitter or Instagram if you have any questions.
I should respond within 48-72 hours if dms aren't full.